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A Lick of Frost
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Author Laurell K. Hamilton
Publisher Ballantine Books
Preceded by
Mistral's Kiss
Followed by
Swallowing Darkness

A Lick of Frost is the sixth book in the Meredith Gentry series by Laurell K. Hamilton.


King Taranis accuses Rhys, Galen, and Abeloec of raping the Seelie Lady Caitrin and brings the matter to human authorities.

The novel begins with Meredith being questioned by a team of lawyers regarding the accusation against her men.[1] This leads to a mirror call with King Taranis, during which he attempts to bespell Meredith to bring her through the mirror to him.[2] Taranis goes mad, attacks Meredith and her guards, and is subdued by his own guards.[3] Doyle and Abeloec are injured in the encounter, and Galen exhibits new powers. Taranis's guard Hugh Belenus offers Meredith the Seelie throne.[4] Having been present for the attack, the human authorities decide to not pursue the charges against Rhys, Galen, and Abeloec.[4]

Doyle and Abeloec are treated at a hospital with the help of Hafwyn. Meredith's ring works differently on a human doctor.[5] They return to Maeve Reed's estate,[6] and Doyle, Frost, Abeloec, Usna, and Aisling discuss the possibilities with the Seelie court and the offer of Meredith taking the Seelie throne.[7]

Meredith informs Queen Andais of what has happened with Taranis and the offer of the throne. Andais has been torturing the guard Crystall. Andais reasons that Abeloec was accused because his power is to choose a true ruler, Galen was accused because of the prophecy, and Rhys was accused because of his returning powers as Cromm Cruach. She and Meredith agree that the offer for the Seelie throne means treachery, and perhaps it is merely to give someone else the time to consolidate power and unseat Meredith once they have it. Andais will try to learn more.[8]

Meredith takes a call from the goblins Holly and Ash and negotiates their sexual encounter as part of her alliance with the goblin king.[9]

Andais calls back and Meredith is shaken that she has hurt Crystall even more. Andais points out that if Meredith takes the Seelie throne, all of her guard will go back to being with Andais. They talk of Meredith's changes to the sithen, and that Meredith chose life over death to restore faerie, and Andais is unhappy with the effects.[10]

Meredith takes Frost to bed and gets upset because she is mortal, so he tells her of his love of a mortal woman.[11]



Meredith's guard:

Unseelie court:

Seelie court:

Legal representatives:

  • Simon Biggs, a lawyer of Biggs, Biggs, Farmer, and Farmer, representing Meredith's men
  • Thomas Farmer, a lawyer of Biggs, Biggs, Farmer, and Farmer, representing Meredith's men
  • Stevens, Ambassador
  • Michael Shelby, US Attorney
  • Ernesto Bertram, Shelby's assistant
  • Albert Veducci
  • Grover
  • Miguel Cortez, District Attorney
  • Pamela Nelson, Assistant District Attorney

Other humans:

  • Officer Brewer
  • Officer Kent
  • Gordon Reed (mentioned), Maeve Reed's deceased husband
  • Fred, driver
  • Rose (mentioned), a human girl Frost loved


  • Maeve Reed (mentioned)
  • Meabh (mentioned, previously named Medb)
  • The Goddess
  • The Consort / God
  • Miniver aka Minnie, Meredith's dog
  • Mungo, Meredith's dog


Merry Gentry series

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