Name Alastair Essus Dolson Winter
Appearance Sapphire blue eyes; pale luminescent skin; thick, straight black hair, onevear is slightly pointed and black, the other ear is mother-of-pearl white
Gender Male
Family Merry (mother)
Doyle (father)
Frost (father)
Wynne (sister)
Tegan Rose (sister)
Age Newborn

Alastair Essus Dolson Winter is the second born of Princess Meredith's triplets, he weighed 6 pounds.

Alastair means defender of man. Essus  was chosen to honour Merry's father. Dolson is a patronymic referring to Doyle. Winter is a reflection of Frost.

Alastair was born with skin of mother of pearl white except for a black  star shaped patch in the middle of his back and one black ear, the color of which trailed down one side of his neck. His hair was straight and black. Unlike his sisters, who showed a degree of magic right from birth, he has yet to show any powers.

When a fae dog came to Alastair, its fur turned red and white and it shrank into a puppy. Doyle mentioned that his aunt gave him a puppy that had turned out to be his cousin, and that a dog is one of his symbols, implying that Alastair might eventually be able to shape shift.