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Vampar Vampar 10 August 2013

Kinda Dead Around Here

I decided to be nosy and see when the last activity was on this wiki and it appears to have been in 2012.   It's kind of sad to me, since I'm so enthusiastically plowing through the books right now, I was hoping to have someone to chat with.  Though thinking about the fact that a new book hasn't been published since 2009 it isn't hard to understand why there isn't a ton of enthusiasm for the series right now.

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Vampar Vampar 8 August 2013

Re-read 2013

In celebration of the announcement of a forthcoming Merry Gentry novel, I decided to re-read the series.  I came across what I thought was an anomaly in the writing of a specific character (Nicca) and went online to see if I could find any references to a color change.

Well, I never did find my answer, but I did stumble across this wiki and... well I've gotten distracted. :P

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Jabberwokk Jabberwokk 1 July 2012

The next book

So I just read the whole series in a couple of days and I was wondering, where do you think the next book is going to take Merideth and her men?

We have a few hints:

Maeve Reed is coming back

Soldiers are worshipping her (thereby breaking the law that now sidhe will be worshiped)

Her aunt has gone off the deep end of insanity

Her uncle is insane and is just about ready to go to war

there are now 2 places of farie on the west coast that Merry and friends need to figure out how to protect

she needs to do a fertility ritual for Hugh and his prospective mate of the seelie sidhe

What do you think is more likely to happen?

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