Name Caswyn
Appearance straight raven hair; over 6 feet tall; pale skin;
sidhe tricolored eyes: circles of red, red-orange and true orange
handsome; slender; muscular
Race Sidhe
Gender Male
Nickname Wyn
Family --
Age --
Court minor noble of the Unseelie Court
Status Alive
Book(s) Divine Misdemeanors

Caswyn is a sidhe lord and a minor noble of the Unseelie Court.  His strategy was always to remain as neutral as possible.

Divine MisdemeanorsEdit

After her son's death, Andais ordered Caswyn to her bed. Since he was not a Queen's Raven, but a noble of the Unseelie Court, he politely refused, which was something he was entitled to.

Andais, in retaliation, turned him into her whipping boy and bloody meat in her sheets and showed him to Meredith via mirror call. Meredith told him to come to her in Los Angeles, should he had the chance. A few days later, a cloaked woman brought him to LA claiming he would not survive Andais' attention. His spirit had already been broken and Caswyn was clingy and overly emotional since.

After the incident in Matilda's deli,  Caswyn admitted being afraid for Meredith's life. Meredith pointed out Matilda would have protected her, but Caswyn said brownies were not enough protection for her. He then realized that Meredith was part brownie and had a breakdown, crying for forgiveness. It wass obvious he did not know who was in front of him believing it to be Andais. Meredith and Galen finally reach him with help of Goddess, assuring him that he is in Los Angeles and Andais is not.

Caswyn slept next to Meredith, Galen and Rhys that night, because he needed to be held.