Name Conri
Appearance Tall with gold eyes.
Race Sidhe
Gender Male
Title ----
Family -----
Age ------
Nicknames -----
Court Unseelie Court
Status Alive
Conri is one of the Queen's Ravens and one of Cel's strongest supporters.  Conri is a talented swordsman and is better at court politics than most of the guards.

A Kiss of ShadowsEdit

Conri challenged Galen to a duel to the death for the pleasure of Meredith's favor.  When she reminded him he had never been kind to her and had no chance of entering her bed, he changed the reason for the duel to having the pleasure of hurting Meredith by taking away one of the people she cared about.

Merry, with Andais' support, managed to extricate Galen from the potentially deadly situation by implying he could have fathered a royal child and no royal consort was allowed a duel to the death.  

Conri was sent to the Hallway of Mortality for disobedience to his Queen.