Meredith Gentry Wiki
Name Eamon
Appearance Long, black hair, pale white skin. Six feet tall.
Race Sidhe
Gender Male
Title Consort
Family Andais (consort)
Age Undisclosed
Nicknames --
Court Unseelie
Status Alive

Eamon has been Queen Andais's consort and favorite lover for the past century.   He was a warrior, some six feet tall, and one of the Queen's Ravens as well.

His hair was wavy and black, falling almost to his ankles, with skin as pale as the queen's, and by A Shiver of Light he had grown a neat goatee and mustache. He was calm and kind and often all that stood between Andais and her worst instincts. He apparently truly cared for her.

When Andais had once been given a spell of blood lust by Miniver and Nerys, Eamon stood between her and Tyler, her masochistic boy toy, whom she had chained to the wall and had gone far beyond pain game into near death experience for him. He knew she valued her pet and tried to talk her down.

After Cel's death, Eamon became for the first time a bit more than just an extension of Andais. In A Shiver of Light, for the first time in her memory, it was Eamon who greeted Meredith during a mirror call. She responded by calling him "...consort of my aunt, holder of her heart."  He was surprised and pleased by the greeting.

He wielded the Hand of corrupting flame.