Name Fyfe
Appearance Almost like goblin, but not tall enough and skin texture is diffrent; oblong rich blue eyes; more nose and chin than Ivar
Race half-nightflyer, half-goblin
Gender Male
Family Ivar (brother)

Sholto (nephew)

Court Sluagh
Status Deceased
Book(s) Mistral's Kiss

Swallowing Darkness (mentioned only)

Fyfe is a member of Sluagh, brother of Ivar, uncle of King Sholto. Acts as Sholto's bodyguard in Mistral's Kiss.

Mistral's KissEdit

Sholto has Ivar, Fyfe, Black Agnes and Segna the Gold with him when he catches Meredith and her guards in the dead gardens inside of Sluagh sithen. Fyfe is the one to explain that Sholto decided to take them as his guards, because they are male and will only act as bodyguards (unlike the nighthags).

Fyfe politely starts the argument with Sholto after Segna she gets impaled on spiked bones rising them the lake in the dead gardens of Sluagh. Sholto wants Ivar and Fyfe to go and help Segna, however, Fyfe and Ivar point out it would be unwise to leave the King with Agnes as his guard (suggesting that they don't trust her). Therefore, Agnes and Ivar are sent to help Segna while Fyfe stays with Sholto. But Fyfe is ordered to go and help them once it becomes clear Segna's condition is serious. He obeys without a word.

After Sholto and Meredith appear back in the dead gardens on Island of Bones wielding the wild magic, Ivar and Fyfe ask their king to remake the Sluagh into what it once was, and not to change it to be more like sidhe. Sholto calls the wild hunt, but it fails to recognize him as a king of Sluagh and attacks him. Both his uncles defend Sholto, and sacrificing their lifes they buy him enough time to escape.

Swallowing DarknessEdit

Meredith wonders if he is father of Iomhair and Chattan, but decides not to ask, since she was around when Ivar died and she doesn't want to be blamed for his death, even if it was not her fault.