Name Henry
Appearance handsome; short brown hair; large hump on his back
Race Human living in faerie; psychic
Gender Male
Title --
Family --
Age stayed too long in faerie to leave it
Court Sluagh
Status Alive
Book(s) Swallowing Darkness

Henry is a human, trained as doctor and psychic, who lives among to the Sluagh. He can project his emotions.

Henry says that in his mortal days, he could have been killed because he was a witch and has a hump on his back, so he could be accused of dealing with devil. He had to leave the human world once he was seen with some Sluagh. He became a member of Sluagh court because he was curious, and wished to learn more about different races. He treated many of the lesser fey, e.g. he helped at births of brownies. Henry is also the one who successfully transplanted a nightflyer's tentacle on Mirabella, a one armed seamstress.

He cannot leave Faerie anymore, because he stayed so too long, and should he leave it, all the years spent in faerie would catch up with him instantly.

Swallowing DarknessEdit

When Meredith and Sholto enter Sluagh mound with a wounded Mistral, Henry is sent for to tend to the wounded in Sholto's rooms. He also advises Meredith on drinking a cup of mulled wine, since he is afraid of her being in shock. He promises it won't harm her babies. He explains his theory that cold iron is poisonous to Sidhe because it negates magic, so Mistral needs his magic replaced.

When an entrance to a garden appears in Sholto's rooms, Henry stays behind and holds the door to the garden when Sholto and Meredith carry Doyle, whom they have taken from hospital, to the faerie garden.

After Doyle and Mistal are healed, Henry warns all of them that the doors from Sholto's rooms to the garden are disappearing. When everybody gets to the safety of Sholto's rooms, Henry explains that they have been inside the garden for days, and the Sluagh have voted in a proxy king to deal with Seelie, who besieged the Sluagh mound and demanded the Sluagh hand over Meredith.