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Jonty was a Red Cap with the goblin court. He had the rare natural ability to keep the blood from his cap fresh and flowing. This power made him a leader among the Red Caps despite his small stature, only a little over eight feet tall. He pledged himself to Meredith when her magic enhanced his and brought fresh blood to all the red Caps. He was nearly ten feet tall, had a nearly lipless mouth full of jagged teeth, and when first introduced, had scaly grey skin.

When Cel and his people ambushed her column at the end of Swallowing Darkness, it was Jonty and the Red Caps that came to her assistance, responding to the call of her blood magic. Despite Meredith's alliance with the goblin court, they had gone against Kurag's wishes to go to her aide, and they could not return to the goblin sithen, they had effectively exiled themselves to help her. They offered themselves as her shields against the magic of Cel's people. When a booby-trapped body was exposed, Jonty moved Meredith away from it, when it exploded, Jonty took the hit, hiding Meredith against his body, and was severely wounded. One of Meredith's soldiers, Dawson, and she, healed Jonty with magic and iron in the shape of one of the nails baptized with her blood. Jonty said if he died for her he was content. She told him she'd rather he live for her.

When Meredith first met him he had dust grey skin, lifeless and dry. By the time of A Shiver of Light, his skin had improved to a silver grey, an almost metallic hue. His biceps were as round as a medium sized tree trunk.