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Kitto by juniper47
Name Kitto
Race Snake goblin, sidhe
Gender Male
Family Tegan Bryluen "Tegan Rose" Mary Katherine (daughter)
Age Over 2,000 years

Kitto is a goblin-sidhe hybrid whose Seelie mother was raped during the last Goblin War by a snake goblin two millennia ago. He is very like a sidhe in appearance, with soft black hair curling to his shoulders, and pale moonlit skin, but he also displays the other side of his heritage with almond shaped eyes of a solid blue with vertical pupils, iridescent scales on his back starting below his hairline and ending at the base of his spine, retractable fangs, and a forked tongue. Additionally, he is only four feet tall. In the goblin sithen he was too soft and weak to be anything but a victim.

Kitto served as Kurag's surrogate to cement the alliance between Merry and the goblin court.  Merry agreed to share flesh with Kitto in order to obtain an alliance for six months.  

Kitto was offered up by Kurag partially as an insult, since Kitto was not noble or even well regarded, he had been a goblin's slave for almost 2,000 years.

Outside of the sithen, Kitto began to fade, he had not received enough blood to tie him to Merry with the indifferent bite to her shoulder. When she allowed a reaffirmation, his mark was made between her breasts and was expected to scar. He eventually became one of her lovers, and she brought him into his sidhe side magic, manifesting in him a hand of power. He was also, thereafter, able to speak with snakes.

Eventually, even the goblin hating Rhys, called Kitto friend.

When Kitto was among those to see Bucca-Dhu in hospital, he was only one of two to recognize the diminished sidhe.   He revealed that he was a Cornish goblin because his sidhe mother was a Bucca-Gwidden, a Cornish sidhe, before she joined the Seelie court. "When she saw what form her babe had taken, she...left me among the snakes of Cornwall."


Hand of Reaching - ability to bring others through mirrors.