Meredith Gentry Wiki
Name Kurag
Race Goblin
Gender Male
Title King of the Goblins
Family Creeda (queen)

Kurag is the King of the Goblins and Meredith Gentry's ally.

Kurag's skin was the yellow of aged ivory, and covered in warts and lumps - considered beauty marks among goblins. He had orange eyes, but on his shoulder was a lump housing another eye, violet, with long black lashes which moved independently. There was a mouth with full red lips and tiny white teeth above Kurag's right nipple, it breathed but could not speak. Two thin arms protruded from Kurag's side on either side of his ribs. Two thin legs and genitalia protruded from his right side below his belt. The parasitic twin was able to play cards with Meredith when she was a child, independently of whatever Kurag was doing.

Kurag had been so completely comfortable with the unofficial sidhe liaison to his court, Prince Essus, that he had asked for Meredith's hand as his consort, the sidhe were mortally offended by the offer, and the goblins considered his desire for such a human looking woman perverse, but Kurag saw the benefit of sidhe in a queen. It took some serious diplomacy, however to avoid either a war or a wedding.

In A Kiss of Shadows, after Meredith was injured by the roses outside the throne room, rather than waste the blood, she offered it to Kurag in exchange for his making the "blood kin" until the next moon, making her enemies his.  Kurag invoked flesh to seal the deal, however, trying to get Meredith to have sex with him, but as he was married, she could not help him commit adultery, and so a surrogate, Kitto, was put in place in Meredith's entourage, and the length of the alliance taken to six months.

InSeduced by Moonlight, he was described as crude, lecherous, temperamental, and provocative, but he took care of his people - all of his people. He was hard but fair. Half the goblins feared him, half loved him because he could keep them safe.  He tried even to save Siun from Rhys' vengence because she was one of his people, and for no other reason.  When he could not, he walked away for the greater good of the goblins.