Liam Reed
Name Liam Reed
Appearance blond; blue eyes; slightly golden skin but can pass for tanned human
Race Sidhe, Human
Gender Male
Family Gordon Reed (father, deceased)

Maeve Reed (mother)

Age 13 months (A Shiver of Light)
Court --
Status Alive
Book(s) A Shiver of Light

Liam Reed is the son of Maeve and Gordon Reed. He is half sidhe and half human. Unfortunately, his father died before his birth, but Gordon had seen the sonograms, heard the fetal heartbeat, and knew that his child would be a son.

Merry describes 13 month old Liam as a pretty baby with straight golden blonde hair,  skin that was a like a pale, perfect suntan, and big blue eyes that were very human looking. Maeve looked at her blonde, blue eyed son and said that she though he would grow up to look like his father, the handsome man she had given her heart to.

He loves to visit Merry's babies and seems to understand Bryluen even at only weeks old.