Mistral by Kara Lija
Name Mistral
Race Sidhe
Gender Male
Titles The Bringer of Storms, Duke
Court Unseelie
Family Gwenwyfar (daughter)
Status Alive

Mistral is a sidhe lord and one of the Queen's Ravens. In the absence of Doyle, he rose to be Captain of the guard.

He was out of favor with Andais for years. He was everything the queen abhorred, loud, bragging, quick to anger, unforgiving, but powerful, so was admitted to the Unseelie court when banished from the Seelie mound.  He was always placed far away from Andais at table, and given duties to keep him away from her, until he was made captain of the Ravens in Seduced by Moonlight.  Meredith mentioned that her father thought him a fool.

In Swallowing Darkness, it is revealed that in his capacity as a storm god, long ago, he created the race known as nightflyers, now an integral part of the sluagh.