Naomi Phelps
Name Naomi Phelps
Appearance five feet eight inches or taller; slender; long pale brown hair to her waist; delicate bones in face
Race Part human, part sidhe
Gender Female
Family --
Age probably in her thirties, but looks like in her twenties
Status Alive
Book(s) A Kiss of Shadows

Naomi Phelps was the latest in a long line of  mistresses to Alistair Norton. She was tall, five foot eight. She had waist length light brown hair and brown eyes. She looked twenty something but seemed at least ten years older.  Merry thought her ancestry included a sidhe a few generations back.

She has psychic power and at first Meredith believes her to be completely untrained, and realised that it meant Naomi was very strong willed, otherwise her powers would have driven her crazy, or to commit a suicide. But Naomi has some knowledge of magic.

A Kiss of ShadowsEdit

She met Alistair Norton through an ad with compulsion spell in newspaper. During their first time together, he took her to an apartment, where she felt the circle of power under the bed, but didn't understand what it wass. Over time, their sex moved to bondage, violence, then to rape fantasies and actual rape by the end. The apartment was also the only place where Alistair brought other men to have sex with her.

One night she heard him talking about the untrained women 'giving it up easily.' She was confused about what he meant, but it became apparent that it is magical power Alistair was after. She met Frances Norton  in a restaurant when the latter approached her and told her about Alistair being her husband. Frances helped Naomi to break free of Alistair. After getting free of him, she moved to warded building, so he couldn't  find her. She was rather fairly wealthy and last year one of her trust funds matured.

Naomi wass very protective of Frances Norton, whom she took to the Grey Detective Agency to find help for her. She largely served as the spokesman for the two of them.

After Alistair was tracked and the cult he belonged to shattered, he was killed while attempting to rape Merry. In the aftermath, Frances and Naomi Phelps moved in together, and were doing well. They seemed happy, no one was mourning Alistair.