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Nerys the Grey
Name Nerys
Appearance Tall, grey pockmarked skin, thin lips covering sharp teeth, long talon claws
Race Night-hag
Gender Female
Title the Grey
Family Black Agnes (sister)

Segna the Gold (sister)

Age ---
Nicknames ----
Court Sluagh
Status Deceased

Nerys the Grey is one of three night hag sisters.  She was one of Sholto's lovers and resents his desire for sidhe flesh.  

A Kiss of Shadows[]

Nerys accompanies the Sluagh to Los Angeles to kill Meredith.  The three night hags corner Merry long enough for Sholto to catch up to her.  Though Sholto wishes to bargain an alliance with Merry, the night hags would rather kill her.  Agnes and Nerys barge in on the foreplay between Sholto and Merry; Agnes takes Sholto leaving Nerys to attack Merry.

Meredith lashes out against Nerys's attack and uses the Hand of Flesh.  Nerys is turned into a screaming ball of immortal flesh, unable to heal or die.

Doyle later provides Meredith with Mortal Dread to kill Nerys and end her suffering.