Meredith Gentry Wiki
Name Nicca
Appearance Long brown hair, caramel skin except for the multicolored tattoo-like wings on his back.
Race Sidhe, Demi-Fey
Gender Male
Family Biddy (mate)
Kadyi (daughter)
Court Unseelie
Status Alive

Nicca is one of the Queen's Ravens.  After Pasco's death, Nicca was sent to Los Angeles with Merry as a Andais's spy. Doyle trusted Nicca, but as Nicca was terrified of the Queen, he would report to her. The queen informed Meredith that Nicca was not an inspired lover but 'the packaging was nice.'

Nicca's back

His father was a demi-fey, something with butterfly wings. His mother was a full blooded sidhe. Nicca was born with a birthmark that resembled wings covering his back to his knees. No tattoo could rival the beauty of the markings according to Meredith.

During a magic storm raised by the sidhe having sex near the Chalice, Nicca's wings were forced from conceptual to real, ripping from his back. They were mainly buff colored, but the tips of the forewings were pink and violet red which then followed a scalloped pattern down the edge.

When they all returned to faerie, with the help of the queen's ring, Merry saw a vision of Nicca and one of the Prince's guard's, Biddy. They were a perfect match and were they allowed to, they would produce a child.


Andais eventually yielded to the the ring's prediction and allowed Nicca and Biddy to be together. They had a daughter, Kadyi, a few months before Meredith's children were born.