Meredith Gentry Wiki
Name Niceven
Appearance white skin with slight greyish tinge; white-grey hair; small pointed breasts; almost skeletally thin; pale wings larger than other demi-fey; needle-like teeth; small (a mouse next to her is like a German shepherd next to Meredith)
Race Demi-fey
Gender Female
Title Queen Niceven of the Diminutive Fey
Family Pol {husband]

3 children

Court Unseelie Court

Demi-Fey Court

Status Alive
Book(s) A Kiss of Shadows

A Caress of Twilight
Seduced by Moonlight
A Stroke of Midnight
Divine Misdemeanors
A Shiver of Light (mentioned)

Queen Niceven is demi-fey and the current ruler of the Demi-Fey Court of the Unseelie.

She is married to Pol and has three children, only one of which is Pol's. Andais envied her children and ordered her to marry the fey that next got her with child - it happened to be Pol, who she never intended to more than a one night stand.

Her voice was described as sounding like "evil bells, sweet and disturbing."

A Kiss of Shadows[]


Prince Cel made a deal with Queen Niceven to ruin Galen's manhood so he would be useless in bed. Galen was given to Niceven and her people to feed on him (blood and bits of flesh) as punishment by Prince Cel for disobeying a direct order .

Meredith made a deal with Niceven to let Galen go in return for letting Niceven drink Meredith's own blood.

Niceven realized that she must not antagonize neither Cel nor Meredith, because she did not know which one will rule after Andais, and agreed.

She also admitted that Cel wished Galen ruined forever, but she refused because she feared what Queen Andais would do if one of her guards was maimed for life.