Meredith Gentry Wiki
Name Rhys, Cromm Cruach
Appearance Waist length curling white hair, white skin, one tricolor blue eye, the upper right quarter of his face is covered in scars and a single claw mark runs across the bridge of his nose and onto his left cheek. Five feet six inches.
Race Sidhe
Gender Male
Title Lord of Death, Lord of Relics
Family Gwenwyfar "Wynne" Joy Tempest Garland (daughter)
Age ------
Nicknames White Knight, Gwynfor
Court Unseelie
Status Alive

Rhys is a former death deity; Cromm Cruach, Crimson Claw. He lost much of what he was during the weirdings that took away many of the sidhe's more dangerous magics, enabling the fey to remain among humans.  Once the magics had been lost, Rhys took up a new identity in order to not be reminded of what he once was.

He is very interested in film noir and is one of very few sidhe to embrace the modern era. He maintains a residence outside the sithen and loves slang. At five foot six, he is the shortest of the full blooded sidhe, and is self-conscious of his shorter stature and spends more time working out and keeping his body in top condition as compensation.  

Rhys was once given to the goblins as one of the Queen's punishments.  His arrogance and lack of knowledge of goblin customs led to a night of torture which cost him his eye, and is the source of his hatred of goblins.

The black hounds turn into a group of terriers "some white and red, others a good solid black and tan" in Mistral's Kiss. He has the most terriers out of all those who went west with Meredith.

After Meredith created an extension of faerie in A Lick of Frost, on Maeve Reed's estate, it became possible for her and Rhys to create a new sithen. It appeared as an rundown apartment building in a bad neighborhood, and it was Rhys' sithen


He lived through the war between the sidhe and the Firbolgs

Long before he took the name Rhys, even before he was Cromm Cruach, he had another name, one he still refuses to mention.  He had a son, tall and dark haired like his mother, he followed his father into battle.  He was killed by an explosion of iron shrapnel. 

In his rage and grief, the father slaughtered the tribe responsible to the last person, wiping them from history.  When they were dead, he grief was undiminished. When they were dead, he realized they were no more or less important than his son. They could have produced good men and women, but he had taken away any chance of that, stolen the few short years they might have had.  He was deeply ashamed, so he destroyed his own name, his stories, his history; "He died with the last breath of a people that he destroyed for a mistake that was his own."


At one time, his powers were such that as Lord of Relics he could cause the dead to rise and have them fight with his troops.

When he was Cromm Cruach, he had the power to heal and raise the dead.

Since the return of wild magic, he can kill with a touch.


Uamhas - Dreaded Death - A sword of unknown powers.