Meredith Gentry Wiki

by tatteredfae

Royal was a wingless demi-fae of QueenNiceven's court.  When Meredith's powers brought her man, Nicca, his wings, the wingless demi-fae flocked to her in hopes of wings of their own.  Royal and his twin sister, Penny, were almost killed when the magic Merry brought forth blew up a thick wooden door. A splinter pierced Royal through the abdomen.  Upon healing, however, he had his wings, marked the same as an underwing moth, and Merry had a mark of power of the same creature - a beloved underwing - upon her abdomen.

Royal joined Merry's court in exile when they moved to Los Angeles. When he became Merry's lover in Divine Misdemeanors, he gained the ability to shift size from 10 inches to about 5 feet.

One of the possible, though unconfirmed, fathers for Tegan Bryluen Mary Katherine.