Name Siobhan
Appearance small; white and silver grey hair like spiderwebs; pale dull white skin; dull grey eyes
Race Sidhe
Gender Female
Title Captain of Cel's guards

Siobhan was the captain of Prince Cel's guard, and his favorite assassin. She was short for a sidhe not more than an inch or two above five feet. But she was extraordinary strong, Meredith had once seen her pick up a Volkswagen and crush it with someone inside.

She habitually wore her black armor, her eyes were dull grey and filmed over like the eyes of a dead fish, her voice a dry, whispering sibilance. She was able to kill with a touch.

A Kiss of ShadowsEdit

When Meredith first returned to the Unseelie sithen, she was met by Cel and Siobhan. She heard the call of tha land, faerie itself was happy she had returned. She opened herself up to the night and felt currents of power she shared with the other sidhe around her.  Siobhan put herself between Meredith and Cel, and the power did not fill her. The power rejected her because Siobhan's power was an insult to the earth and the cycle of life, because she was a thing of death that behaved as if she lived, but the land did not know her.

Later, she, Pasco, and Rozenwyn ambushed Merry, Kitto, and Rhys near the Abyss in the Unseelie mound.  When Siobhan witnessed Merry's use of the Hand of Flesh on the twins, she surrendered her sword in horror.  While she was imprisoned after the attack, she was not tortured because Ezekiel was afraid to touch her, since the touch of her pallid skin could injure or even kill.

Swallowing DarknessEdit

She led the ambush against Meredith and her allies outside the faerie mounds. She confronted Meredith who was barricaded behind the metal of a Humvee, proof against most magics.  Siobhan, however, carried a mundane bomb of some strength.  Meredith, using the sword of flesh, Aben-dul, hit her with her hand of power. 

As Siobhan tried to throw the bomb, even with her flesh melded to it. National Guard soldiers with Merry shot her legs out, and she fell, her body inverting and encompassing the bomb packed with cold iron nails.  The explosion still was powerful enough to rock the Humvee, scattering Siobhan's flesh and bone like shrapnel, and in combination with the cold iron, killed her.