Meredith Gentry Wiki
Name Siun
Appearance resembles a huge, black, hairy spider; has a neck, lips and fangs; 2 hands; blue tricolored eyes everywhere; pale breasts
Race half-sidhe, half-goblin
Gender Female
Title -----
Family -----

Status || under 2000 years

Nickname ------
Court Goblin court
Book(s) Seduced by Moonlight

Siun was a goblin of Kurag's court; half sidhe, half goblin, a result of a rape. Her mother  forced herself on one of the Seelie and Siun was the result.

Seduced by Moonlight[]

It was revealed that Siun was one of the goblins that raped and tortured Rhys when he was given to goblins as a punishment by Queen Andais. Siun was the one who took Rhys' eye and she kept it in a jar.  Rhys later swore an oath to kill Siun the next time they met.

Siun was present at the negotiations through a mirror between King Kurag and Princess Meredith, when they negotiated about the possibility of Meredith bringing Kurag's half-sidhe warriors into their power. Kurag warned Meredith that not all of his people with Sidhe blood were as appealing to her as Kitto, or Holly and Ash, and presented Siun as an example which scared Kitto into hysterics and deeply affected Rhys.

Siun tried to bait Rhys, but in retaliation he insulted her prowess in bed. Enraged Siun attacked the mirror and the terrified Kitto used his hand of power - the Hand of Reaching. He partially opened the mirror so that one half of Siun was in King Kurag's Court, and the other half in Los Angeles with Meredith where she became stuck, neither in one place nor the other. Since Siun was immortal, it did not kill her.

Neither Kurag nor Meredith knew what to do with her, and Kitto refused to release her, even if he knew how. In the end, Rhys called upon his oath to kill her. Kurag tried to offer him wergild (compensation) to buy his oath, but Rhys refused. He had Kitto attack her with a sword, giving his new hand of power the blood baptism it needed to become permanent.

In the end, Rhys touched her and willed her to die - a manifestation of his ancient power. Half of Siun fell from the mirror in their respective sides - one half in the Goblin Court and one in Los Angeles.