When Sholto faced a vote of no confidence in the Sluagh sithen, in Swallowing Darkness, he and his allies voiced a need for weapons. The Skeletal Brides then emerged from a spiral staircase, formed of human and other bones, which lead into the ground from a newly formed opening at their feet.

The first wore a cloak and robes that had not been worn in faerie for centuries, it presented Sholto with a white sword. A second dressed in a gauzy veil presented the belt and scabbard. A third offered a white shield carved with skeletons and tentacled beasts. The assembled sluagh roared their acclaim.

Another bride followed and presented Aben-dul to Meredith. A long lost weapon that could only be wielded by someone possessing the Hand of Flesh. It's presentation elicited a collective gasp from the sluagh.

The next bride offered a spear that sparkled silver and white.  Mistral accepted the weapon called Lightning, which had once belong to Taranis.

The next skeletal bride presented Doyle the Horn of the Dark Moon created from the horn of an unrecognizable animal.  It was black, and very ancient. Doyle called it the horn of madness, the horn of the hunter, and it had been his long ago.

The last of the skeletal figures presented Tarlach with a feathered cloak which allowed him and those with them to disguise themselves in glamour.