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Ruler King Sholto
Queen Meredith

The Sluagh, also known as the Host, is a court of its own within the Unseelie Court, some think them the heart of faerie.

The Sluagh (sloo-ah), are considered to be a manifestation of the Wild Hunt. They consist of the the monsters and frights from the dark considered by many to be troublesome and destructive. The word Sluagh refers to a "host," or  another translation would be "army."

The Sluagh  in the past have been known to kidnap mortals, they are the nightmares of Faerie. The Sluagh are considered to be the most fierce and terrifying of all the fairy peoples. The Host travel at night and more particularly around the time of midnight, many in fact, including the nightflyers, are badly affected by sunlight. The sluagh are believed to have been the original Unseelie Court[1]

The king or queen of the sluagh is an elected position. In Swallowing Darkness, Merry and Sholto were proclaimed the monarchs of the sluagh by general acclaim.

Like most of the courts, humans live among the sluagh including a doctor, Henry, and a seamstress, Mirabella, who had once been recruited by the Seelie, but when she fought off a sexual assualt by Taranis, he cut off her arm and banished her.  Accepted by the Sluagh, her lost arm was replaced with a Nightflyer tentacle by Henry.

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