Meredith Gentry Wiki
Name Tegan Bryluen Mary Katherine
Appearance curly, red hair; scaly proto-wings on her back; small horns on her head; blue, almond shaped eyes
Race -------
Gender Female
Title -------
Family Merry (mother)
Sholto (father)
Royal (father)
Kitto (father)
Wynne (sister)
Alastair (brother)
Age Newborn
Nicknames Tegan Rose
Court -------
' -------

Tegan Bryluen Mary Katherine, known as Tegan Rose, is the third and smallest of Princess Meredith's triplets, born weighing five pounds.

Tegan comes fron Sholto's grandmother on his father's side. Bryluen means Rose in Cornish, and Frost had wanted to use Rose, the name of the long lost human girl who had loved him enough to make him real. Royal liked the name because flower names were traditional among the demi-fey. 'Mary for Merry and Katherine was chosen by Kitto because it can be shortened to Kitty, and looks like his name.

The baby had pink and seashell colored scales across her back, resembling those of a moth or butterfly rather than reptiles.  Doyle realized that they could be proto-wings, Frost speculated they might be dragon wings, and Sholto thought nightflyer, but jewel bright rather than dark.

She had her mother's scarlet hair, as well as vestigial horn buds.

When one of the faerie dogs came to her, its fur turned grass and leaf green and it grew long, thicker, and wiry-looking. The breed was Cu Sith; watchdogs that used to guard the faerie mounds.